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1862-64 Theatre Comes to Dunedin

  • 1862-64 Theatre Comes to Dunedin
  • By Lisa Warrington
  • 2pm Sat 29 Sep
  • Toitū OSM – Auditorium
  • Dunedin

The Gold Rush Days

From the time of the gold rush, Otago became a mecca for theatrical companies from Australia and beyond, especially for the weaker marginal companies which had been making a difficult living in the smalls of Australia. 

But so too did New Zealand work become accepted.  1862 saw the first two theatres built in Dunedin. The saleyards and stables of Jones, Bird, and Co. were converted into the Princess Theatre which opened on 5 March of that year under the management of the Fawcett brothers, presenting The Cramond Brig and That Rascal Jack. And on 12 July, Clarence Holt and James Leroy opened the Theatre Royal (also known as the Queen's Theatre).

As part of New Zealand Theatre Month, Dunedin Libraries and Toitū Otago Early Settlers Museum have teamed up as director and theatre practitioner Lisa Warrington talks about these venues and about the emergence of theatre practice in Dunedin.

Join Lisa as she enchants you with some history that is both significant to Otago and New Zealand, but is largely been forgotten.

Sat 29 Sep 2pm Toitū OSM – Auditorium Dunedin

Admission FREE