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  • Written and Directed by Margaret O’Hanlon
  • Wed 29 Aug to Fri 1 Sep
  • Athenaeum Hall
  • Arrowtown


Katy Anderson, Andy Bell, Fiona Bracken, Miki Brown, Charlotte Graf, Martin Grounds, Sam Hillman, Violet Hirst, Daniel Lewis, Pearly McGrath, Tiffany Menzies, David Oakley, Oceanne Pelloille, Emma Pullar, Carole Shuttleworth, Tegan Stallard, Nicky Viggers, Rebecca Ward

Crazy is produced by Whirlwind Productions


Crazy is a Rock and Roll Theatre musical that explores the plight of Mirabelle, an ordinary woman, who when faced with a series of tragedies finds her mental state unravelling. She winds up in Ward 12, the mental facility in Invercargill.

There she meets a series of characters who all cope with their own struggle with mental illness, and unwittingly give her a better understanding of herself.

Crazy follows her path in and out of the labyrinth we call madness.


Crazy features music from Gin Wigmore, Sia, Arctic Monkeys, Roy Orbison, James Vincent McMorrow, Ryan Adams, Paloma Faith and other contemporary artists.

Whirlwind Productions is the home of Rock and Roll Theatre in Queenstown, and have been writing, directing and producing their own live productions since 2007, and don't intend to stop.

This season opens prior to NZ Theatre Month on 29 Aug



Wed 29 Aug 8.00 pm Athenaeum Hall Arrowtown
Thu 30 Aug 8.00 pm Athenaeum Hall Arrowtown
Fri 31 Aug 8.00 pm Athenaeum Hall Arrowtown
Sat 1 Sep 8.00 pm Athenaeum Hall Arrowtown

Remember when you lost your mind?