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Kōtuku and the Moon Child

  • Created by Bridget and Roger Sanders
  • 15 Sep
  • Ghost Light Theatre
  • Nelson
  • 50mins
  • Family

Music by David Sanders

Puppet and Set by Briget Sanders

Video by Peter Blasdale

Produced by Birdlife Productions


Masks and Puppetry and breath-taking original music by Wellington composer David Sanders - a hero’s journey with a difference and a story told with absolutely no spoken word. This newly updated show (originally called Heron’s Feather and performed in Nelson in January 2018) has been greatly developed in advance of a European tour next year, with a deeper more dynamic storyline, beautiful costumes and additional characters.

Created by Nelson’s own professional theatre company Birdlife Productions, Kōtuku and the Moon Child is a thoroughly enchanting for everyone aged from 5 to 95 years! This is an absolutely brilliant production with wonderful storytelling .

Maori believe that seeing just one White Heron/kōtuku in your life will bring you good fortune – but what if your sister got captured by a bad one and it was your fault so you went after her and got captured as well? How could this possibly be seen as ‘good fortune’ – unless of course your adventure turns out better than expected and some really cool stuff happens on the way.

Sat 15 Sep 11.00am Ghost Light Theatre Nelson
Sat 15 Sep 6.00pm Ghost Light Theatre Nelson