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New Zealand Stomp

  • Physical Theatre Training Program
  • From Sat 29 Sep
  • Isaac Theatre Royal
  • Christchurch
  • This is a 5-day program that runs to Wed 3 Oct

In its 26th year, ZEN ZEN ZO is a physical theatre ensemble at the forefront of contemporary performance and training in Australia. This five-day-long STOMP intensive training program, which has now been held in all the capital cities of Australia (as well as Auckland, Vancouver and Hong Kong) introduces performers, directors and teachers to the exciting physical actor-training techniques of Butoh, the Suzuki Method, the Viewpoints and the devising methodology of Composition by Lynne Bradley who has trained directly with the founders of these forms and taught them all over the world. In 2018 NEW ZEALAND STOMP, held at Christchurch’s Isaac Theatre Royal, will also offer an ADVANCED course. Participants will be challenged with additional material in all 4 forms, designed to deepen their knowledge-base & artistic mastery of Zen Zen Zo’s speciality training methods.

Sat 29 Sep 9.00am Isaac Theatre Royal Christchurch

This an intensive 5-day program that runs to Wed 3 Oct

...Stomp was a boot-camp of body and mind, a wake-up call to creativity and a challenge to personal courage. The program, the directors, and the company are 100% professional and theatrically inspirational. Do it!”

– SUE JOWSEY (New Zealand Educator)