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Open Day

Napier Operatic Society

  • Napier Operatic Society
  • Sun 9 Sep
  • Tabard Theatre
  • Napier
  • 10.30am to 4.00pm

Napier Operatic Society (NOS) has a long established reputation for staging quality music theatre productions that dates back to 1883.  Today it is a thriving organisation, with its own (175-cap) Tabard Theatre and regularly moves to bigger venues with its larger-scale productions.

NOS is also strongly supportive of young people and provides training in all aspects of musical theatre. 

Although there is not a lot of NZ music theatre work available, NOS has created some of its own in the past (Peter Pan The Croc Rock, 2003) and, while Shrek Jnr is currently in rehearsal, it is ineligible for inclusion in NZ Theatre Month.

However, NOS is a strong supporter of NZ Theatre Month and is staging this Open Day as its own acknowledment and contribution.  NOS wishes all those participating or enjoying NZ Theatre Month throughout the country the very best.

Open Day Program

10.30am            Theatre Tour #1

11.00 –12noon   Workshop #1 – Lighting.  Facilitator:  Benjamin Smythe  

11.30am            Theatre Tour #2

12noon              Workshop #2 – Make-Up.  Facilitators:  Jude Allan and Rachael McKinnon

12.30pm            Theatre Tour #3

1.00pm              Workshop #3 – Performance.  Facilitators:  Glen Pickering and Rachael McKinnon

2pm to 4pm       Open Rehearsal of Shrek Jnr.  Director:  Sonya Aifai


Sun 9 Sep From 10.30am Tabard Theatre Napier

Shrek Jnr opens at the Tabard on St Oct