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Queen of Tarts

  • A NZ Musical by Paul Percy and Michael Vinten
  • Dir by Corinna Chamberlain
  • A Longburn Primary School Production
  • 26 - 27 Sep
  • Globe Theatre
  • Palmerston North

A recent music theatre work by Paul Percy (book) and Michael Vinten (music).

In the fine traditon of old The Queen of Tarts continues the use of nursery rhyme as a medium to tell a story and teach a lesson - in this case, don't jump to conclusions before you're sure of your facts.

Nursery rhymes have been a part of oral history since before the middle ages.  People argue that they were used as a covert way of making parody and perhaps allow a comment on politics and the ruling class, when one wasn't allowed to speak out plainly or even pass on the news of the day.  For example, 'Ring a Ring a Roses' was most likely about the Great Plague of London.

But for many they are the sing-song rhymes our parents sang to us as babies, the rhythms we jumped-rope to in the playground and then continue to pass on to our own children.

Paul Percy's play The Queen of Tarts is based on one of those traditional rhymes, The Queen of Tarts and, in collaboration with Composer Michel Vinten, now comes to life as a full musical, allowing children the joy of self-expression.

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By arrangement with Playmarket

Wed 26 Sept 6.30pm Globe Theatre Palmerston North
Thu 27 Sept 1.00pm Globe Theatre Palmerston North