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The Imaginative Handshake - Nola Millar

  • Sat 1 Sep
  • Hannah Playhouse
  • Wellington
  • Discussion

Robyn Payne

in discussion with Sarah Gaitanos, Nola's biographer.

‘The Imaginative Handshake’ – described by biographer Richard Holmes as  'The power to transport the reader to another time, another place, and another identity with absolute conviction; and then make them come away with the sensation “I really met that person — and I know how they felt about the world — and it was worth it.’  

Nola Millar was a pivotal person in New Zealand theatre history and you will leave this discussion feeling the same about her and her world.

Suggested further reading Gaitanos, Sarah, 'Nola Millar: A Theatrical Life', VUP, 2007.

The session will  conclude with a Q & A.

... one of the most important figures in the history of New Zealand theatre

Sarah Gaitanos