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The Lost Poet

  • Writer / Geoff Chapple
  • Director / Stuart Devenie
  • Sun 16 Sep
  • Victoria Theatre
  • Devonport

The Lost Poet

Devonport Showcase Sundays


The caretaker - Stuart Devenie

The writer - Jodie Hillock

A Reading, Produced by the Devonport Theatre Month Group

The blind woman who's the first live-in writing fellow at the fictional ‘Michael King Writers Centre' in Devonport is researching the explosive 1960s decade. More explosive yet, she finds a Kiwi poet who’s been an influential player within that decade, with talent enough to enter the New Zealand poetry canon. But no-one’s heard of him, and her writing at the  newly-opened centre is made more difficult still by an intrusive caretaker.

Play readings are the seedbed of new drama. The actors have a day’s rehearsal. They go onstage still holding their scripts, and without benefit of elaborate sets, or lighting,  But readings have  action, and the excitement of a first performance. Out in  the audience, the city’s dramaturges will be watching to see what breakthrough drama may surface here, worth selection for the professional stage.

Devonport Showcase Sundays also feature The Caffeine Wars by Tom Scott (9 Sept). Still to come –Blood or Water by Margot McRae (23 Sept)


Sun 16 Sep 4.00pm Victoria Theatre Devonport