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  • Valerie
  • By Robyn Kelly
  • Dir / Benjamin Henson
  • Mus / Cherie Moore / Tom Broome
  • Community Gallery
  • Dunedin

Named the stand-out cabaret of the year by the New Zealand Herald, Valerie is theatre with a passionate heart.

The play explores nature versus nurture: Did Nature pull the trigger in Valerie’s case? Or, did Nature pull the trigger long ago, and we’re all just waiting to feel the bullet?

Valerie is an intergenerational, inter- disciplinary story that goes to the very heart of family mythologies. Music, genetics and storytelling merge to explore and unravel a family history of mental illness in a celebration of resilience, compassion and love.

Director Benjamin Henson (Twelfth Night, Fortune Theatre 2017) has skilfully crafted this work by former Dunedinite Robin Kelly into a remarkable and moving gig/theatre show.

Cherie Moore (Twelfth Night / Into the Woods) and Tom Broome perform this beautiful score and story.

The performance is followed by an opportunity to talk about this play.

Valerie is a production of Last Tapes Theatre Company

Valerie is a part of Arts Festival Dunedin 2018 


Thu 27 Sep 7.30pm Community Gallery Dunedin
Fri 28 Sep 7.30pm Community Gallery Dunedin

"Beautifully polished, striking, recommended" (NZ Herald)

NZ Herald