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Late Night Knife Fight

  • BATS Theatre
  • 8 Sep
  • BATS Theatre
  • Wellington
  • Improv

The monthly improv show where three teams face off in a battle for glory, honour, and the audience's favour.

The winner returns in the headline spot, the losers wail and gnash their teeth.

At BATS Theatre in the Studio, with teams gathered from Wellington's top improvisers and most promising rookies.

Check Facebook for this tonight's teams!

"Being handed a knife as I enter, albeit a plastic one, I could not help but get the feeling that this was going to be a more hardcore night of improv than I had experienced in a while (Late Night Knife Fight) has real potential to become a Wellington institution." - Art Murmurs


Sat 8 Sep 9.00 pm BATS Theatre Wellington

"We'll bring the knives; you bring the judgement".